Prime location through waterways
roadways or airways.

Marina Itajaí has a strategic location: Next to major national highways, 10 minutes from an international airport and with a protected and privileged maritime access.

Marina Itajaí

Next to the Gastronomic street and the Public Market, Marina Itajaí is in the downtown area, one of the fewer marinas in the country offering such conditions. In addition, it provides uncomplicated roadway access and one of the most beautiful sea access in the coast of Santa Catarina.

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26º 54’ 38” S - 48º 39’ 13” W
Av. Carlos Eli Castro, 100, Centro - Itajaí - Santa Catarina - Brasil

5 km from BR-101 access | 17 km from BR-470 access | 66 km from Blumenau | 90 km from Joinville | 97 km from Florianópolis